Javascript Node

I have created node that uses javascript. It uses .net javascript library

Is this good idea? I think this could be faster in some situations, rather than using nodes for creating logic. In other times this could be easier for development…

There are input and output types in javascript, once declared node will create input and output pins. At this point only numeric values are working, but I don’t see what other data I could feed into the javascript.

Node has code editor (also mine), and will show if there is error in code. Script is saved into js file when save bang is fired, or when save is clicked in editor.

I made base class and attributes for creating external methods. You could inherit base class, add some methods, then load it throug javascript. It will query methods and parameters and create interface methods in javascript, that will invoke .net code.

This could work well in conjunction with vvvv.js. Javascript could be written and run in vvvv, then executed in browser, once loaded…

It would be great to make node run on different thread, then use async update of pins. This way it could make use of multiple cores.

Any suggestions are welcome…

cool! combined with the vvvv.js connector node, i think we are getting close to a bridge between the two platforms :)


it was cool…

but how to using in vvvv, any instructions?


There is no javascript node in vvvv.

I just built this node yesterday (using some libraries that I made before).
There are still some bugs to work out…

I guess I could upload source here, but it is not jet ready. I just wanted to see if there is interest for this kind of stuff…

There is also built in compiler for c# code, i guess it could be used to build nodes on the fly. Just as this, but it would be easier to implement multithreading. I run some tests with js library (it is already kind of async), I tried to run them on parallel threads. But it crashes.

I did this, because I had performance problems. My HLSL code is using only 60% of my gpu. (Considering that I have multiple scenes with shadow mapping, multiple post effects and layer blending)… While, once I dynamically load up the patches it becomes slower and slower. Well patch becomes slower, and gpu usage drops… So, I guess it is due to vvvv, and the way it updates all the nodes. On some really fast machines this is not much of a problem, but I wanted my patch to be scalable.

quartz composer에 있는 javascript 노드 같은 느낌인가요? 특정 input값들을 가지고 javascript로 작성된 특정 연산을 하는 기능을 목적이 아닐까 싶은데요. 다른 c, java, javascript같은 programming language에 익숙한 사용자에게는 여러가지 노드를 복잡하게 연결하지 않고도 간단하게 처리할 수 있는 방법일 것 같아요. 진전이 있었나요?

i wonder how dynamic pin generation is being done. usually it has to finish before the first evaluate, no?

anyway, i think it’s a grand idea to be able to script js besides coding .net

I also thinking about implementing this type of node as replacement for [Expr (Value]( Can you share your sources?