Javascript error

Hi. I was having a javascript error when accessing the node reference. So I logged in as guest to post this problem, and the node reference began to work without errors.
When I logout, the error comes again. I reproduced the error in a variety of machines and OSs. Is no problem to login, but I was wondering if this is normal.
vvvv is fun.

Best regards.


hi Luciano,
thanks for your message. I can’t reproduce this error on Windows with FF3.6 or Chrome11. Could you be more precise on what the error exactly is?

The error occurs with FF 4.0 / OSX.

And also with Safari 5.0.3

Ah ok, now I see what you mean. Should be fixed now. Thanks for your help.

Hi all.
Here´s a screenshot of the error in FF 3.6 mac os.
But, I tested FF4 and Opera in OSX, Chrome and FF in Linux Ubuntu with same results. When I log in, the problem vanishes.


Glad to help, and thank you.