Jack Audio 1.9.21 on Windows 10 Pro

Hi guys,
as explained here in a previous post on the SuperCollider Forum, I would like the latter application to send multichannel audio to VVVV. I discovered to my surprise that Jack is available for Windows (I am used to using it extensively in Linux setups, and on Windows I am quite out of practice).

I was under the illusion that the setup of jack on Windows 10 Pro was relatively simple: as soon as I installed it I was immediately able to accomplish my intended purpose of making audio flow between the two software.

Later, as I described in this issue on jack’s repository, it stopped working: the jack audio server doesn’t even start anymore.


Have any of you had similar experiences with jack on Windows in the past?

If you were able to correctly set up a setup similar to what I have described, how did you do it?
Have you found working with jack on Windows to be a stable and reliable system?

Thank you so much for your help and support

Have you tried something simpler like VB-Audio Virtual Apps ?

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Thank you for your suggestion @io .
I was aware of this VB_audioCable which sounded very similar to the concept of Jack to me.

I think that in the absence of feedback on the Jack issue, I will try to use it.

What experience do you have with VB?
Have you used it before?
Did you find it stable? reliable?
Is it possible to configure it (input connections, output) versatile from the command line/.bat script?

Thank you

A part from the debatable graphic interface has not failed me once, pair it with Asio4All and eventually Voice Meeter (Banana, Potato, etc.) and you can do pretty much everything you need assuming you can navigate through the spectrum of settings.

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I’ve actually been using Jack on Windows with VVVV for quite a while, and it is always a bit finicky to start.
I find that usually it boils down to making sure the samplerate of Jack and VVVV match, the VVVV node defaults to 48000hz, but I like to use 44100. Also, at times, making sure your Audio interface is initialized (it looks like you’re using a Focusrite, so I’m going to assume you’re using ASIO and not WASAPI), I had a weird situation on my old machine where I needed to play a test tone through windows playback before Jack would initialize my interface (finicky…), which strangely isn’t necessary on my new machine.

I’d say if you can stick with it and get it working, it’s way more than worth it, being able to visually patch between VVVV, REAPER, and just about anything else that uses ASIO, with 128 virtual audio cables is pretty freeing.

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Also, quick tip if you continue on, to change the number of inputs and outputs available to Jack on Windows, you need to edit the JackRouter.ini file, located in C:\Program Files\JACK2\jack-router\win64 on my machine.

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