IVLPropertyInfo names with space are parsed with underscore

Hi all,
this is something i’m suffering since a while, i see a problem allowing Property names with space.

i’m using Reflection library to edit some properties and i have to be carefull not naming them with space.
IVLPropertyInfo “Name” converts the spaces to underscore.
Check the demo patch
TryGetPath_Debug.vl (27.0 KB)

I rather see that as a benefit from a visual programming language :)

There is indeed a benefit, but I can live without it if this creates more issues, like this particular case.
I remember in earlier gamma versions that wasn’t allowed, probably for a reason.

IVLPropertyInfo has a property called OriginalName - maybe that’s what you’re looking for? I remember we couldn’t simply change the return value of the Name property as it’s used by serializers which would have caused them to break. So that was the compromise so to say.

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That’s it Elias,
Thank you

It would be also nice that IVLTypeInfo provides “OriginalName” as an option

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