It's possible to obtain 2dtexture coordinates from position and indices of points in a mesh?

Basically i have some 3dvectors rapresenting points in space, and the relative indices to join it and obtaining a mesh. I use “vertexbuffer join” attached to a “mesh join”. I pass the 3dvector of positions to the vertexbuffer, and the indices to the meshjoin. I don’t have the normals, so i calculate it after, with “normals geometry”. So i have my 3d model, exactly as i wish. But now i want to texture it, so i need the values to pass to vertex buffer texture coordinates. How can i do? ther’s a way to create this coordinates starting from what i have? really it don’t need to be an uv map or something complex, it should be enough to project a planar image over the mesh
any halp will be much appreciated, thanks ;)

I think Uncle Kalle has the medicine you need…

Look for “repair”

@everyoneishappy: thank you so much, this is exactly what i need (the problem is that my mesh is synamic, but the stuff from kalle is really useful, i’ve used that technique, but passig the values of the mesh only onopen, so the geometry deforms and the texture too ;))) thank you so much