It is possible to transform contour node coordinates into a spread?


Another beginner :)

I am working on a patch with contour node, and after two days of searching in the forum, I could not find a solution for my problem.

The pach have three main parts. The first is a structure of lines rotating. The second is a moving object where I get its coordinates. Now I need to modify dinamically the rotation speed of a line from the structure from part 1 in a correspondig position with the moving object`s coordinates.

I tried something in part 3 to get the slice index of the moving objects coordinates but I can not combine the horizontal and vertical positions into a single spread, and also dont know how could get the sliceindex of the matching slice.
Another question, it is possible to get dinamically the ID-s of rotating lines to modify them individually, and they match with the sliceindex from part 3 in the way I suppose?

And finally, some strange behavior of Peakspred: in part 3 in Y position you can see that at the minimum and maximum values the active button jumps to the opposite side, I don`t know why?

I hope this is not too much for once…

Contour position.v4p (46.5 kB)

Perhaps the Gridpick helps a bit for you?

Your little Peaksread jump has to do with ehh… spreadcount. Check the helpfile for peakspread, and wonder why there is a - (value) node below the number of slices.

Perhaps Gridpick.v4p (24.7 kB)

Thanks a lot Westbam!
This is exactly what I want, everything works now like a charm.

Best Regards