Issues with the Artnet node

hi there,

i’ve had some issues with DMX (Artnet) when working with a number of universes: stuttering, jumpy output, even tho vvvv was running smoothly and the artnet system worked fine as well. turned out that multiple DMX (Artnet) nodes block each other, when constantly battered with data.
my workaround was to use a counter and have only one DMX (Artnet) node send data at a time. however this means that with i.e. 8 universes every node is only served 1/8th of the time - causing low-rate output.

would be great to have this fixed.

while we are at it, if “Universe ID” could be a pin - and maybe even spreadable (!) - that would be super great to have! would eliminate the need for using multiple nodes.

thanks and bests,

please give the new artnet nodes a try that come with the alpha downloads. they’re called ArtNet (Network Sender) and ArtNet (Network Receiver) and have both universe and subnet spreadable.

and please report your findings here.

ok, sure.
though it might take a while until i have the next opportunity.

first test resulted in a immediate vvvv crash upon adding the node to an empty patch. no error was given.
from second test on it worked nicely. used it to send 4096 values (8 universes) constantly from an existing patch and it ran like a charm, no hick-ups, no stutters. however i only had the time to run it for ~15min.
in any case: thanks for the great work!

by the way, i got another error in vvvv50 upon unconnected midi-controllers (log attached).
this is also a mildly bugging element in vvvv45. i’m not connecting my midi controllers all the time, especially when working just on small fixes in other parts of bigger patches. would be great if MidiNote and MidiController could accept “nil” as a valid input; without causing red nodes throughout all subpatches.

vvvv.exe-exception-2016-06-15 – Device Not Opened.log (38.0 kB)

good to hear regarding artnet.

regarding your midi-problem please start a new thread and add a patch that causes this error.