Issues Loading Audio Using Filestream

I cannot load a file into vvvv using FileStream (DShow9) or by any other method I’ve tried yet.

I thought I had made an error in building the patch, double-checked everything, completely cleared out the patch except for the file playback portions and still no luck in playing audio or even loading the file (track time pin indicates there are 0:00 seconds loaded).

After opening 01_Playback_Overview in the girlpower folder, it was obvious I had built the patch correctly.

• I tried redirecting the filepath in 01_Playback_Overview to my mp3 track, and it won’t load.
• I tried saving the 01_Playback_Overview patch as a new file on my desktop and even the tracks in the vvvv audio assets folder won’t load.

I am out of ideas. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to proceed.

so you’re saying opening the girlpower as is you hear the sound? thats good.

note that when saving the patch to a new directory and reloading it you also have to respecify the path to the files in the \assets directory.

now if only your own .mp3 files don’t play i have no idea really but they should be to blame somehow.

Maybe helps