Issue with Flycapture Plugin (Point Grey Firefly MV USB)

We’re having trouble with running the flycapture plugin from the OpenCV image pack with our Point Grey Firefly MV USB. The flycapture nodes are showing up in red and throw an exception.

Our system is running on vvvv_45beta33.3_x86 with addonpack, OpenCV Image pack for vvvv33 x86, dx11 pack for vvvv33 x86, Point Grey Firefly driver for x86.
We tried the latest FlyCap2Viewer_2.8.3.1_x86 driver and the prior FlyCap2Viewer_2.7.3.18_x86.

The camera is working within the Point Grey FlyCap2 App and outputting a standard image of 640x480 at 30fps.
vvvv itself and all OpenCV Image girlpower patches are working correctly.

We had this exact setup working on another machine and switched to a new pc, and thats when the issues started.
Old setup: Xeon E5-2630, 64GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce Titan Black, Windows 7 64bit.
current setup; i7 5930k, 64GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce 980 TI, Windows 7 64bit.

Here is the error message when trying to create ListCameras(FlyCapture) or Capture(FlyCapture):

Just for the record: The Point Grey camera requires the full sdk 32bit and gtk runtimes to operate within vvvv.