ISD imaging uEye GigE UI-5240SE Camera anyone?

Hi guys.

Upon u7’s recommendation for the IDS imaging products, I’m considering this little cam here:

anyone happens to have some experience with it?
It’s supposed to be involved into something like the apple photo booth application (having your portrait in changing backgrounds and stuff like this), therefore a good image quality would be necessary. Those SVS series cams have a higher resolution and seem to have a much better chip, but they are quite pricy.

we have a monochrome version in an infrared fiducial tracking situation.
nice, very low latency and good framerates. in low light still 30 fps.

how much was GigE UI-5240CP-M? i have offer for 550.
good IR sensitivity?
Which optic are using?
there isnt many varifocal optic for 1/1,8 chip, is it?
i found only one for 350