Is this possible? Interactive panning inside video play


I am new to vvvv.

I have a question or request for guidelines how to approach my task to create an interactive pan inside a video play.

I have one video file.
It is a 4 x 4K video - meaning a video file in resolution size of (4x3840) × 2160 ( 4 4K videos stitched together horizontally side by side)

The idea is to play it with some software player, having either a mouse / touchpad / keyboard entry to pan left and right.

( VLC player has a similar option with its zoom function, but not exactly what I wanted - because the navigation icons and navigation view stay overimposed.)

The idea is to have the vertical dimension locked - and allow only panning left and right while the video would play / loop.

Do You have any idea how to approach and programm something like that?

Regards A.

If your machine is fast enough to play the video, the rest is trivial. Just place the texture on a quad and play with the texture transform.

First get familiar with basic concepts and then read about video playback.

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Thank You for the guidelines.

Will try.

Regards A.

1 hour ago - my first vvvv install - I was a total vvvv noob.

Now the basic engine works - as sebl guidelided.


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I came to a problem at the described topic of having a 4 x 4K video file in resolution size of (4x3840) × 2160 ( 4 times 4K videos stitched together horizontally side by side)

Not related directly to vvvv.

My Windows device can not play such a long format in X axis.

Also vvvv can not.

As I still would like to have a scrolling / panning effect at presenting a normal 4K resolution and behind running / controlled looping of a 4 separate videos that would scroll side by side and present themselves as “stiched” - how can I program such an effect?

With multiple file streams, translate nodes with controlled values ( X positions) and only one Quad / renderer?

I am such a noob.

Thanks and regards,

You can rearrange your video to be 2x2 * 4k. Then grab the 2 parts (via texture transform) onto 2 quads. First test what is the maximum size your computer can play.

There’s also playback of image stacks with the player node. Though needs to have a fast ssd. See it’s helppatch for more information.

Hi sebl!

Thank you again for a quick reply.

Will try that - and search this topics in help and tutorials how to execute them properly.

Regards A.

Just a quick question:

two players
two quads ( each with desired transformation )

and then group them to one renderer?

ja, what’s the question here exactly?


Could you please check - if the attached patch is constructed properly. Meaning - if the process flow is designed in efficiently.

I have managed to get the functionality I want.

Here is an example of a patch for 3 individual 4k videos - each on its own quad - side by side - and these quads are moved left and right as the mouse moves in X coordinate = scrolling.

You can see that I turn on and off play button on each player - if its video is not in the frame - I turn it off. To reduce not needed computation.

Playback / render on full screen is a bit - to be honest too - choppy - does not run smoothly. ( if I compare it with normal video play outside vvvv)

Videos are 4 k each. 30 fps. Short loops - 10 seconds each. Not needed to be in sync with each other. They are also compressed - and only ca 15 Mb in size. MP4. Does this play any role?

I have borrowed my brothers machine - a HP Z2 G4 Workstation / i7-9700 / 16GB / SSD 512GB / Nvidia Quadro P2200 5GB.

I am listing CPU, GPU and memory performance graphs - you can see that CPU gets overloaded. GPU and Memory - OK.

Any hints? How can I optimise the patch flow?

I have read the forums and various node help - and seen some possibilities:

  • texture to be prepared in a square and later - on display side resized. ( ? )

Regards A.

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