Is there the need to be logged in to browse the Forum?

I get redirected to the login page:
Tested with up-to-date IE, FF, Ch.
Nicely appeared a “Your topic is similar to…”, with a very similar topic. Works good.

I’m not sure if I’m catching your question correctly, but you can navigate to directly, and you can browse without being logged in. The link from the main page redirects you through disourse oauth, so your vvvv account can be authorized by discourse. I hope I make sense :)

What do you mean by navigate? Is there a direct link (a button) to I totally missed it.
In case it’s not there, IMMHO, this will not help making new users.
Or users that have to retype the URL on another device.
It is also not so intuitive to change the address to something similar to get access to content.
Just my 2c.
Thank you for your time.

Just tried going to the forum incognito. You get a quick glimpse and then gets redirected to the login page but can not log in as guest.

So it seems like you can’t see the forum if you don’t have an account

guest works, but indeed login at least as guest is mandatory or no forum for you.

Now the link forwards to ‘/’ which makes it easier for guests to browse the forum. Thanks for pointing that out.

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