Is there any way to get a sort of scope reading from DX11 video?

I am interested in getting a reading from a video source as to the colour levels, how much blue/red whatever, the current brightness level, basically whatever I can get a reading of. I want to be able to use this data to control variations in audio. I’ve never used the query pin, I don;t know if that holds that sort of data or how to use it. Or is there some other kind of node/pin which reads this sort of data from a video source?

You are not after query pin, query just a debug options for developers, so when you write new shader and it is’t working you can check something is happening inside. This operations you want are special shaders setups that analyze image and return you the info on CPU…

There is in VAudio examples (girlpower) patch that synthesizes audio from image, you should take a look on it first Video2Audio

This might help too, this is for finding luminance, but you could retrieve the luminance per colour channel I guess, but start with the vaudio example first.

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