Is there an equivalent to brush pin text in dx 11?

Hello all !
I’m searching an equivalent to brush pin in text dx11…
How can I do stuff like that ?
thanks in advance !

there is none. you could use the glyphinfo node to get at least the width in pixels and draw a quad yourself.
but 1. the width seems not really accurate, at least in my tests. 2. you wont get the height at all.

check CaretRange (String DirectWrite) in combination with Text (DX11.Layer Advanced). When working in pixel space this returns the correct length of your text.

There’s also a TextBackground node in mp.dx iirc, but I’ve never used it.

totally missed that caretrange node. thanks @aivenhoe.
@phildar: see the patch, just added a quad to the help patch of caretrange to draw the “brush”
CaretRange (String DirectWrite) help.v4p (26.1 KB)

Those nodes are also perky to the fonts, some fonts have incorrect glyphs or something…

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