Is there a way to save string Spreads as txt files or equivalent for quick loading later?

Is there a way to save string Spreads as txt files or equivalent for quick loading later?

So that I could load up a single text file then it would fill out an IOBox(string) with its contents.

hei again,

please try this: strings#plain text

Thanks again.

I tried using the Reader node and for a second I had it working, but now it has stopped.

IOBox(String) into filename of Reader, Index set to 0, counter set to ~60 just so the whole file name gets covered, Bang into Read of Reader, another IOBox coming out from the Content pin. The txt file saved in UTF-8 format and the reader set to read that. As I said it worked for a moment and now it doesnt.

Strangely, when it was working and I tried to modify the txt file it would say I couldnt save it because VVVV was using it, but now it doesn’t seem to care. Like VVVV has just stopped interacting with the file or something altogether. I even restarted my computer.

Any help would be appreciated, sorry if I’m being a pain.

just upload a simple patch that demonstrates your problem. or first compare your patch to the helppatches of the Reader/Writer…

Nevermind, it just started working again after I quit and restarted VVVV a few times…

I am still damn new to this, but i think that finding out how to do this will be a massive help for me as I go along. attached is the simple patch that I have so far -

At the moment I have 3 lines in the file, and I want each line to be put into a separate slice of the spread down below. But at the moment all I seem to be able to do is either have it repeat like this or if I set the boolean of the toggle line wise pin (hidden) to 1 then it puts the rest of the lines there, but one after the other in the same slice.

the txt file is UTF-8 encoded if you want to put your own file in there. any help is really appreciated.

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How to divide into individual lines in a spread.v4p (5.1 kB)

It is pretty much exactly the same as the Reader helppatch, only difference is the bang and the encoding so that it will read txt files.

two things:

  • do you have a good reason to use the advanced reader? if not use Reader (String)
  • have a look at the helppatch of Separate (String) which will teach you how to split a string into individual slices

thank you! life saver

That did it. you are now my favourite vvvv person.