Is there a way to record rendering screen over computer resolution?


I’m using fraps for record my stuff patch.
In fullscreen mode, frpas records, and made. this avi movie file resolution is current display divice resolution.

For example, I am using MacBook MC374(13inch) in bootcamp, its display max resolution is 1280x800.
so, this computer has no choice up to resolution like FullHD(1920x1080), always 1280x800 or lower.
Maybe, if I have higher resolution display monitor, I think it is possible to record in high resolution.

But I guess existing a way to record high resolution quality in low resolution display.
Writer(EX9.Texture AVI) node is… freezing when I valued 1 to write.

you can set backbuffer resolution to your desired resolution and then record it using writer NRT. I just tried with at twice fullHD and that didn’t really work, but it might in your case.

Thank you @sunep! I tried Writer(EX9. Texture NRT), but its result isn’t movie file but image file. but image file resolution is well-done to desired resolution.
anyway, Like this way that you teach me, can I make movie file(visual+audio)?

Hi Sansui,

you can set the backbuffer resolution higher and fraps will record that.
I did a project where i had the window at full hd on a smaller monitor, so i know it works. I had the fraps renderer in alt+2 windowed mode inside the patch, while another renderer displayed stuff on the monitor.

However i think i tried it with a newer fraps version which did not work. I ended using an older version (3.2.3), which i had to request by mail since there is no archive on the fraps page. Also fraps will always take the renderer with the highest resolution.

yes, the writer NRT writes image files. you can then combine them into a video in a video editor. I know of no way to record audio within vvvv. for that you will need something like fraps

Thanks for answering @ethermammoth! your method looks very nice!! I did this right now. but doesn’t works. maybe because I’m using newer version Fraps that you said. I was using Fraps 3.5.9 Build 15586. I will try the version you succeed. you gave me a big help.

Thank you @sunep! I need audio+visual record. but your answer would be useful for me later.

@ethermammoth, your method is very good, I am tested in Fraps 3.2.3. thanks!! I would close this thread.


You could also try

This software have some nice features.
For example you are not slave of the DX / vvvv renderer resolution.
The resolution is unlimited, and the record function propose differents encoding and options.


WOW, just checked the site, you can record to cineform or any other codec your like. It can even show up as capture device, so you can realtime stream or feed it into skype or whatever. Thats amazing.
But will need some in depth performance testing, Fraps codec is really optimized. F.e. I can capture 720p50 on my laptop without hickups on mid heavy patches. Hope I will find the time in the next days.

Yep, dxtory looks nice, but needs a better testing.