Is ther no phong-nodes in V4 beta,ver.33.3?

I just downloaded V4 and add-on pack on website, but there’s no phong-nodes(ex. phong shader)…

Is there any link to download these nodes? or

Is there any alternative ways to make the shades on 3d objects?

phong nodes are definitely there.
in the nodebrowser what do you get when typing "x " (that is x plus space) or "m "? it should give you a list of all available effects or modules. also see the gui#node browser for details on this check.

I think phong-nodes are removed on nodelist.xml in add-on files.

Is there other way to add node in nodelist.xml?

Phong nodes are not part of AddOnPack, so they can’t be removed from its nodelist.xml.
Please answer to joreg.
To fix this fast, reinstall vvvv - use 7-zip to decompress files. Just in case: a new version is out.
If you changed some files, next time make a copy of the original ones: if there is any issue, you will be ready to get started again.