Is someone using a motu ultralite?

I’ve got a problem with the signal of my soundcard (Motu ultralite) in vvvv. In the audio in node or fft4 channels node, the device is here, selected (motu mix1), but all i’ve got in the out of the nodes are very weak values (around 0.00025), independent from the audio i can ear on my speakers… It may be parasites for sure and it’s clear that the audio signal’s unrecognized. Why?!?
When i use my old soundcard (Terratec Dmx6 fire) there’s no problem, the signal is here. I precise that the ultralite is an extern soundcard using firewire (i don’t believe that’s where the problem come from but, who knows…).
I think the drivers are very bad on Motu’s devices cause there’s lot of other problems in the cuemix console. Or maybe i missed something.
If you saw an equivalent problem (and if you have the solution…) you’re welcome!
(please excuse my poor frenchy english…)

I have this problem till 3 months and i just fixed it 10 mn after posting here… If someone’s in my case (but i think i was the only dumby into), that was the “cuemix inputs includes computer output” which had to be turned on enabled…

but let me say your english is very well!

thanks!!!.. no text …