'' is not a valid root-path

I’ve got a strange new error in the TTY-Renderer:

‘’ is not a valid root-path

What does it tell?

Does anyone have a hint?

thanks sebl

ai sebl,

is this the exact wording of the error-message? i can’t seem to find that in vvvvs sources…

yes, it’s copy/pasted

… i’ll try to examine exactly the nodes causing this error.

For now i suspect the http-get or writer(file )node.

ah, it’s not a double quota, but 2 single ones: " ‘’

hm… when searching for the string
is not a valid root-path
i get no hits in the vvvv code. are you using any plugins? if this doesn’t come on startup you should really be able to find out which node is sending this message by opening patches stepbystep…