Is it possible to scratch audio files in vvvv?

is it possible to scratch audio files in vvvv ?

i am trying to find a way to rewind, scan audio files. possible ?

is there any way to do it with FileStream ?


seek to a position is good working , by taking output lenght of the file in filestream > Framedelay > map Max > seek position pin
and your iobox in input of the map.

BUT there is the problem of the frame position of the seek and this IOBOX method:

more the file is large, more the different relativ position given by a 0.0000 to 1.0000 range will be large. Wich means not smooth seeking.

best approach is to define a +/- incrementation : while you mouse is pressed, if your io box value is down 0 > decrease a certain amount of frames and seek to this position