Is it possible to play 5.1 films in filestream ? (not vlc)

Hi all.
Maybe stupid question but I can’t figure out how to do this…

I try to play 5.1 movies with filestream (Dshow9).
So far, it only outputs first two channels of the file…

Is it a asio issue ?
Has some of you have a clear example with 5.1 movie without sync with waveplayer or stuff like this…?
I hope it’s possible…
Thanks in advance.


yes, it is possible, the problem might be your audio card or its settings.

Have a look here:


Thanks a lot for your quick answer !!
I understand !

Has some of you already done this with the motu ultralite mk3 Hybrid ?
(sound card which has been bought for project I’m working on).

Maybe It would be possible to do virtual connection, and create a 5.1 bus using jack audio server, or something similar.
I keep searching.

Would be nice to make a list of sound cards which could broadcast 5.1 files direct from D9show.


is that also possible with 7.1 soundcards or are there any other limitations regarding 7.1?

hi !
it does work with ultralite motu mk3 hybrid.
I’ll check 7.1 soon.

with 7.1, no problem !!