Is it possible to omit some data when serialising a sequence of uncertain types?

In general, I’m trying to create a readable configuration file and a state of the application at the same time. It looks like all this data is only neccesary in the unexported application, isn’t it? Can some or all of this be omitted? It would have been enough, just to remove the assembly part I think.


serialisation_practice.vl (16.5 KB)

This is interesting, but in stable 5.0 the second object is serialised with a cached “assembly”.,


You probably should use the vvvv XML serializer, not the Binary or JSON serializer. Then the serialization should look much simpler. You can still convert the XML to JSON if you want to.

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Good idea! And how I didn’t think of it myself. Thank you very much. I’ll definitely give it a try.

@tonfilm Unfortunately, it’s the same problem

But another version of xml serializer works perfectly


serialisation_practice.vl (27.9 KB)

yes, that is the one I meant by “the vvvv one”. See: Serialization and Deserialization | vvvv gamma documentation

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