Is it possible to apply Wrap, Mirror and Border sampling with some effects?

Interesting but Im very slow to get all important concept from all the new features.

And now I can’t understand if I can configure sampling as Wrap or Mirror in case of displacement node? I know I’m trying something from beta which is still remembered as muscle memory, but can’t understand what I’m doing wrong.


I’m just trying to make the edges repeat pixels when distorting.

this doesn’t seem to be the original Displace [Stride.Textures.Filter] node. because it would have hidden sampler pins (like all texturefx do) which you can enable, like this:


Hmm, yes, it’s from VL.Addons.
What do you think is the reason why Sampler is not in the options?

@yar Thats how the shader is written. Linear repeat is hard coded in this one. Think in any stride shader, if you set the texture sampler to “Sampler0” you should get a sampler input pin on the node.

@tgd yep, this seems to be a problem with the addon’s shaders. They have hardcoded samplers.