Is everything installed correctly

Hi All

I do workshops on a regular basis and have by now seen a lot of things being pretty strange when installing vvvv. I have come to the conclusion that I need a patch that can tell if everything is installed correctly.

so far I have come up with this, I’d like some comments, suggestions on how to improve this little patch before I upload it in the files section.


is_everything_installed_correct.v4p (6.2 kB)

I know I should have a tty-renderer as well. Here it is


is_everything_installed_correct_tty.v4p (6.9 kB)

nice idea , could be a module!

  • added a freeframe plugin to check for .net
  • changed name…

CheckInstallation (VVVV).v4p (7.7 kB)

to clear things up:

  • vvvv needs DirectX 9.0c
  • plugins need .net 2.0 runtime
  • plugins with 3d/rendering things need .net 2.0 and SlimDX runtime

i am not quite sure with freeframe, i think thy need nothing (maybe vs c++ runtime), that they needed .NET was a little bug in .dll parsing, but this is fixed as far as i know.

here another update, very good idea to make such a patch!

CheckInstallation (VVVV).v4p (10.8 kB)

thanks guys

I have been doing workshops and helped new students install vvvv for the first time quite some time by now and I begin seeing patterns emerge…

I think so far only two out of around a hundred of different students laptops have been so difficult that we have not succeeded in getting it to work.

I am pretty sure this module can iron out a lot of the errors.

Before i begin making an “install vvvv for dummies” section, does any of you have an idea on how we can collect info about what is difficult when starting, I have workshops with fresh students on a regular basis.

So far the main difficulty people have is understanding how to extract the addonpack correctly and of course understanding that when you run the directx installer it just extracts the files to a new folder.


shouldn’t that be handled with the Installation or the Troubleshooting page?

sorry joreg, by accident i edited/deleted your original answer :(
pls no offense

dear iorec, i completely agree with your idea of collecting those infos at the right places and i also like to see those improved,

*you may ask yourself if improvement of those is more a duty of the devvvvvs or a duty of the community ? if you look closer here or here you may see who takes more effort about creation and/or care of these pages.
*maybe it is not so bad to have answers to those more than frequently asked questions at several/redundant places.
*maybe not every workshop situation provides an internet connection to “deepsearch” the wiki for that information.
*maybe the cumulation of related vvvvorum/shoutbox questions speaks…


*if sune as a result of his personal experience considers a patch like that to be helpful: should he get merits or critics?

IMNSHO it is far more close to merits what sune deserves.

Hi kalle and joreg

I agree that the installation page should have all relevant info, but there is quite a lot of wonderful info floating around in places that are not so easy to find.
I remember a page with install instructions for different versions of windows, but it takes me quite some time finding it when I need it. I also remember more info from the forums regarding different installation issues.

having that information collected both at a relevant place on as well as in the downloaded package would be very helpful. I imagine some sort of readme or installation file that comes with vvvv when you download it.

Perhaps many of these issues will be solved/easier to solve with vvvveb3.0

And thanks kalle for your NSHO


ai, don’t get me wrong, the patch is a good idea. just make sure to link it on the Installation and TroubleShooting pages.

  • maybe it is not so bad to have answers to those more than frequently asked questions at several/redundant places.
    i’d still say such a scenario is a very bad idea. redundant places are impossible to manage and keep up to date. i’d say best practise is to write everything we know in the above pages and everytime someone asks for help only link to those pages and mention sunes patch.

  • maybe not every workshop situation provides an internet connection to “deepsearch” the wiki for that information.
    the solution to this will be an offline doku. with the new website we hope to be able to provide a periodic dump of the wiki-pages for download.

thanks for your efforts.

The ChekInstallation patch need an update. On my system it shows that the vector with 6 inputs should be InterleaveNodes. Anything else? I mean since beta24 the installation process has changed, should CheckInstallation change too?

NB. I had some error when trying to rename the .v4p file, hence the _0 in the file name. I will make another thread about that.

CheckInstallation (VVVV)_0.v4p (11.3 kB)

I think this functionality is included in the new alpha version