IPs node can output comma separated IPs

This has caused us major headaches a 2nd time now, but the IPs node in gamma can output comma separated IP addresses:

How can this happen?

I have an Ethernet card with 2 outputs that have different IPs. Surely a node that outputs all IPs should be able to handle that.

Thanks for fixing!

it is a list of all UnicastAddresses reported by your networkinterface.

so indeed the output should probably called “Addresses” (plural) to hint at the possibility of a list here.

but generally looks kinda correct. of course we could return the info in a different format, but since the info is complete you should be able to transform it into a custom format you need.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. We added our own node to make sure it splits the IPs if they are comma-separated:

I think the problem is that some nodes like Rabbit just want the IP address as a string and therefore just doesn’t work.

But I noticed there is a node called IPAddress with a string input and an actual IP address output and a valid flag. We should just add that inbetween to be absolutely sure.