iPad Airplay input into vvvv

A client likes to have his ipad screen directly as input into a vvvv project. I know ipads allow screensharing on “Airplay” standard. And there are Airplay clients for PC (airserverapp.com/ or reflectorapp.com).

Any idea how to pump an Airplay stream into vvvv?

I can only think of another Computer receiving the airplay stream, displaying it and have this signal as DVI and capture card routed into the v4 computer… What do you think?

Thank you !

If you mean getting iPad to control vvvv patches you can use Touch OSC app, this can be done easily. Or do you mean getting what is displayed on iPad be displayed on a patch as video I would assume you can use Display Out app and capturing the display as video using a Decklink unit with VideoIn(DeckLink EX9.Texture) node.

perhaps this could be of use in this regard: http://sourceforge.net/projects/airstreamlibnet/

and maybe these are useful:


screenshot node