Ip cameras?

does anyone have tried to connect an ip camera to vvvv?
I need to connect a camera in a long distance.
Does the ip camera need any special configuration for the vvvv?

which camera do you use?
the camera needs direct show drivers in order to work with vvvv.

there is also a plugin for ueye Gigabit Ehernet Cameras

i have n’t used any.Can ip cams be used with videoIn object?
I m thinking of an ip camera because of the distance. Also i’m thinking using the camera with vvvv, over the internet.
I have nt decided to buy a specific ip cam. If i do, i want to use it with VVVV (so it has to work). Any suggestions?

i made this using the shared memory module and graph edit. ip cams don’t fill the video in. another solution is a tool like splitcam or similar, which installs as a virtuel camera and sends picture, video from file or stream to the videoin node.

but again, for me the shared memory node works pretty well. i’m just playing wii over streaming video…

i use uEye cams with videoIn node with 100 fps without problems. since they updated the driver i can recommend these cams finally.

hum… does those gige camera have good compression ? i tried an imaging source gigE camera connected in wifi, and it cant…