IOWarrior problem when restarting patch

Hi Devs,

I am having some Problems with the IO(Devices IOWarrior40) node.
The Problem happens when closing a Patch where the In Pin is set to true. Sometimes (not every time) it slows down vvvv to unusable framerates after restarting the patch or even restarting the PC. Maybe some error with no uninitializing correctly in the code? Or maybe even Hardware related?

I’ve attached a little patch, hard to reproduce since it only happens sporadically and it seems to be helping to have a OnQuit Toggle connected to the In Pin as in my example.

Little update: maybe it is related to this problem?

IOWarriorProblem.v4p (5.2 kB)

hei ether,

sorry, for the late reply. i just had a quick look at the code and i didn’t find any obvious error. it seems to me your best bet would be writing your own plugin for it using the c# sdk they offer here:

if you’re going that root we’ll be happy to guide you. let us know if you need any help there.

Better late then never :)

There is definitely with 100% certainty a Bug. It is only visible when using pull-up resistor and using the In Pins - but it halts vvvv down to unusable framerates.
I fixed it by using my own plugin - reading out values async and did not have that problem.
Most likely problem is related to the provided dll and not vvvv code… Happens on initialization / opening patch and not every time. Can be reset by unplugging USB.
Will ask if i can release that plugin - in case anyone want to use pull-up in combination with iowarrior…