IOBoxes don't update on Boygroup Clients when combined with Server (VVVV)

Somehow my Boygroup-Client doesn´t update its IOBoxes when they are indirectly changed on the server.
The example attached is basically the Server (VVVV) help patch, modified to work as a server in a boygroup. When I change the IOBox named “MyIOBox”, the IOBox named “MyIOBoxTarget” changes accordingly on the server. On the client it remains empty, although its being boygrouped as well.

Any ideas? It seems vvvv is confused on this network issues…
best and many thanks

Sorry, I attached the wrong file.

serverBG_Test.v4p (41.2 kB)

Maybe “MyIOBox” is boygrouped when it shouldn’t be? Do you want that as a bridge?

hi everyoneishappy.
thanks for your answer. Actually the IOBoxes shouldn´t be bridges. The whole Patch will be boygrouped. But I should be able to write into the pins directly via UDP… which doesn´t seem to work. Can anyone reproduce this?

sorry for late answer…

the problem here is that on the client the path to the nodes is different than on the server. thats why the client doesn’t set the iobox.

what you have to do is find the right path. this could be done by writing a plugin that returns the path by using: pluginspecs/html/M_VVVV_PluginInterfaces_V2_INode_GetNodePath.htm

hope that helps.