IOBox (Value) causes crash

Beta9 and Beta9.1swimming:

reducing the row- or columncount by rightclick-n-drag in the inspector causes vvvv to kcrash

is reproducable

i am pretty sure that this wasn’t till 8.1

Have the same problemm!!

I made an IOBox, set it to 5 rows, and changed it to ColsRowsPages.
No using CTRL-C and CTRL-V I made a copy off this box

Now I change the 5 rows to another value by left clicking on it, and change it to 3.

And than VVVV sometimes just Quits…

mea culpa.

Babelfish: fault pisses ;)

Well, like Kalle said, it only crashes when you LOWER the collums/rows.

But if I set slice/count mode to INPUT, it doesn’t… but then I can’t change it back without crahing (hope it helps)

what do you mean beta9.1? is that available already?

beta9.1swimming is a funny word for out internal alpha9.1


9.2 does very strange things, when using iobox as slider.

try to change parameters from those ioboxes in the helpfile!

(btw.: beta9.1swimming was “finewording” by joreg…)