IOBox (Value advanced) will not change

I have been using alpha29.5_x86-78dc8b975a3c911721b4219688b9dde5f8cf5579 and when changing values in an ioBox it jumps to either 1.0 or 0.

When closing vvvv I get an error, see attached .txt file.

vvvv.exe-exception-2013-04-21.TXT (32.6 kB)

I have been seeing this behavior in Beta29.2 as well. I can only reproduce in my huge patch.
I can however change inout pins directly. I don’t think this affects other IOBoxes other than IOBox (Value Advanced).

TTY is silent.


could you post the error message again with alpha 96fb8a182249effdca535538b3c63c85a27c8a3d (available in ~30min)?

just saw that our CLR stack trace got lost when we moved from delphi 2007 to XE2. and the exception you see happens inside of the CLR part, not native part. new alpha should therefor display a little more info which should help us track this down.

Here is the error, one more observation is that undo doesn’t work while vvvv behaves like this.

vvvv.exe-exception-2013-05-03.log (38.1 kB)

hm, this is a completely different call stack now. first one came up when shutting down your huge patch and second one when doing an undo? and during both vvvv sessions the iobox behaved strangely?

Here is the log when closing

vvvv.exe-exception-2013-05-04-Close.log (39.4 kB)

i think i fixed the 2nd call stack, for the 3rd one you should open up a new thread as the node is written by vux and he should probably look into it.

can’t say anything about your intial issue though - during debugging i’ve made some fixes regarding a few undo/redo issues - so maybe these are related. next alpha containing these fixes is 1bc54c865503ba618ec02e22cf89b54ca5e6723f.