IOBox (Value Advanced) Should have a Z Input Value

Hey there,
I think the X and Y Input Value Fields of the IOBox are a limitation. I think the IOBox should be 3-dimensional, allowing it to represent all kinds of inputs. X and Y would be the psoition, and Z the depth, i.e. the click.
I think its strange that for Toggle and Bang the value is written to the ‘X and Y Input Value’ fields.
Reason: If your IOBox is a Bang, you could want to know where it’s been hit. Or, if its a slider, if it is actually being touched - then Z would be one.
The XY limitation is actually only a screen limitation, but what do we do when we have 3D screens?
No, just kidding. I am building an interface patch, and I honestly see this as a limitation that demands odd workarounds.

I also realize that only the Y Input Value Field is used to create a Pin on the Node … Surely there has to be some kind of conversion, but naturally I would think, that if an IOBox uses X and Y, it would expect a 2D Vector as input? But that’s probably too much of a change.

Z Input Value please!