IOBox (Value Advanced) created as integer default max and min - why so low?

why oh why would the default values for min and max of an IOBox integer be wanted so low?

I’ve been doing lots with pixel precise rendering for UIs and using integer is great except when using an HD display and setting 0,0 to a corner I always hit the limit of a IOBox integer. I then have to change it manually everytime. I sometime have to follow down through subpatches if connected multiply integer IOBoxes and change their defaults too.

Please change it for me devvvvvvs

+1… no text …

maaaan that one was annoying indeed. so here is how is now:

  • min/max defaults to 0/0 which in Slider Behavior Endless finally actually means endlesss.
  • if you still want constraints in endless-scrolling mode choose different values for min/max
  • if you switch to Slider min/max have to be set to meaningful values in order for the slider to work at all

please test in latest alpha and report.

Can the min max be set to 0,1 when you switch to slider by default, the you can map or multiply much as you would with a midi controller? And switch back to 0,0 if you switch back?

i’d rather not change min/max when switching modes. say you have set min/max to something specific and then on switching modes it always jumps do defaults…i’d say thats not the desired behavior.
true, we’ll have to live with 0/0 as default for the slider but i think thats understandable…

How about if the values are defaults switch, if not keep?

mkay, latest alpha switches to 0/1 when switching to Slider and the values were 0/0. it is not switching back to 0/0 though. that would feel wrong to me…

you know what…all different again. we found that those changes mentioned above caused too many troubles. so now we decided to just go with changing the min/max default from -1000/1000 to a much larger number thus hopefully reducing the times those are annoying to a negligible amount without causing further unrelated problems. test in latest alphas.