IOBox UI bug with Grid node

I noticed that when I was using an IOBox to set a value that wound up setting the resolution into a Grid (EX9 Geometry) node, that sometimes the grid would not be the correct size. I found that for certain fractional values, rounding is not done properly.

See the attached patch; all is well with most values, and the correct sized grid is generated, but drag the value in the IOBox below 42 (Yes, the meaning of life!) and the Grid node will not respond correctly. In fact, if you hover over the input pin you will see it has stuck and will not change even though the IOBox that is sending it its value does.

Even if you keep lowering the input number, it will still show 10.5 (treating it as 11) when the input is below 10, until it gets below 9.5 when it snaps to 9.4975 (treating it as 9) effectively skipping 10.

This has now made me very suspicious of anything doing implicit rounding! I have not tested this with other integer input pins though - and I’ve only tested it with 33.7 x86. But this is a bug.

IOBoxGridBug.v4p (10.5 kB)

thanks for reporting! fixed in alpha download