IObox (String)

an IObox (String) containing

|Data xxxx B xxxx B&cr;&lf;0 0011 LCD (1) 0-4&cr;&lf;1 0011 LCD(2) 0-9&cr;&lf;2 0011 LCD(3) 0-9&cr;&lf;3 0011 LCD(4) 0-9&cr;&lf;4 0011 LCD(5) 0-9 4000 counts is ‘A’&cr;&lf;5 0011 Range&cr;&lf;6 0011 Function&cr;&lf;7 0011 STATE_ACDC 0000:OFF 0001:AC 0010:DC 0011:AC+DC&cr;&lf;8 0011 +/- STATE_ATUO 0xxx:+ 1xxx:- x000:OFF x001:AUTO x010:Manua&cr;&lf;9 0x0D&cr;&lf;10 0x0A&cr;&lf;Function Range&cr;&lf;0 AC_mV Range 0: 400mV&cr;&lf;1 DCV Range 1: 4V 2:40V 3:400V 4:1000V&cr;&lf;2 ACV Range 1: 4V 2:40V 3:400V 4:750V&cr;&lf;3 DC_mV Range 0: 400mV&cr;&lf;4 Ohm Range 1:400 2:4k 3:40k 4:400k 5:4M 6: 40M&cr;&lf;5 C Range 1:40n 2:400n 3:4u 4:40u 5:400u 6: 4m 7:40m&cr;&lf;6 Range 0: 1000&cr;&lf;7 uA Range 0:400u 1:4000u&cr;&lf;8 mA Range 0:40m 1:400m&cr;&lf;9 10A Range 0: 10&cr;&lf;10 Fm Range 0:&cr;&lf;11 Diode Range 0:&cr;&lf;12 Hz Range 0:40 1:400 2:4k 3:40k 4:400k 5: 4M 6:40M 7:400M&cr;&lf;13 Range 0: 1832&cr;&lf;14 Unspecified&cr;&lf;15 %(4-20mA) Range 0:|">

caused that i couldn’t open a patch

This is a general buglet for all unconnected string pins storing ascii characters with values less than 32.

Note that you can process and generate these characters within vvvv, but dont leave them in your pins for now. Use SpellValue in ASCII mode to generate these characters.

If you have patches you cant open, open the v4p file in a text editor, look for the pin in question and delete the string stored there.

Dont use Notepad for editing v4p files as there used to be another little bug concerning unicode BOMs within vvvv.
Use either WordPad or a real ascii editor like NoteTab or UltraEdit.