IOBox String Create is disable

i would like to assign a string iobox to create, to set the pad on create. but i can’t, it is always on update

i tried an empty patch with just a pad and a string iobox, no luck

ahhh, you need to assign the cable to create
and sometimes vvvv gamma does it for you on creation of the iobox
is this intented ?

it doesn’t get assigned at all, only most of the time there is only one possible choice for the operation it is on. for example if you connect it to a pin of a node or an outlet. so the operation gets ‘inferred’.

pads and IOBoxes represent data and are not part of any operation. if you have a link between two of them, you need to assign the link to the operation in which you want to transfer the data.

ok, understood. is there any error message or better even a hint what the red cable means and how it can be fixed


ok, i have set the connection between the iobox and mypad to create, but the string in mypad is still empty ?

then create was not called. it only happens once when the instance is created. does the patch run at all? is it placed in the application patch?

how do i know when i’m in the application patch ? alt + a doesnt change anything. maybe thats causing the nodebrowser issue too ? maybe i don’t have an application patch ?

every document has one, it is the entry point for evaluation and the name in the tab is the same as the document. check the document menu, or press ALT+A.

seems you didnt read my post, i did that…alt + a, nothing. still seeing the patch i’m working on

then you are in the application and the patch should run. to re-initialize the state press F8 and then F5.


it was not understanding the if region, the empty output of the if region was overwriting the pad on update, hence the create string was never seen

yes, you should probably watch all the intro tutorials to get up to speed with the basics.

F1 on if region would be nice ;)

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