IOBox Slicecount Bug


another bugreport, this time vvvv:

Make an IOBox, set its Rows to 5, but leave SliceCountMode to Input, like so:

Then change SliceCountMode to ColsRowsPages:

As expected.

Then set the SliceCountMode back to Input, and everything stays as it is, it doesn’t go back to only one slice. Fair enough, IOBoxes remember how many slices they have. But then when I connect an input, it still behaves like it was on ColsRowsPages:

I guess that’s a bug.

Or did I get something wrong?


lets call it a known problem. the issue here is that the IOBox historically has 2 inputs X and Y. nowadays X is hidden in the Inspektor. when you increase the slicecount in ColsRowsPages mode they both increase their slicecount. when you set it back to Input mode and connect a spread on the Y input the X input still interferse with its spreadcount. so you’ll have to reset that one manually via Inspektor…

Aahh right! Thanks.

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