IOBox ovelays datatypes at certain vertical sizes

Just noticed a small bug with the IOBoxes when they are used to show the contents of a datatype. At a certain size when the lineheight is smaller than it should be, the datatypes are suddenly overlaid over the values.

But they should be shown once a certain width of the IOBox is exceeded and not a certain height is subceeded (not a proper antonym of “exceeded”, but it should be). Then the datatype could be shown next to the data so you have 3 and not 2 columns of data.

Here is a short recording showing the behavior: Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!

This is in Gamma 5.3 preview-0059.

Thanks for fixing!

ps: I think being able to scale down the IOBoxes so all the lines are overlaid on top of each other should not be possible. In fact I think there should be a fixed lineheight and the container becomes scrollable once you go below a certain size:

This would be all the better since IOBoxes always have a default size, which for very simple datatypes is okay, but for larger ones is just nonsense:


Making it scrollable would be better, but of course it would be a bit of a challenge using the scrollwheel since that is linked to zoom. But it should then scroll once you hover over an IOBox.


Just don’t change the scrolling behavior when hovering!
If you do, it is better to add CTRL+SCROLL combination.