IoBox inspector corruption on changing type

Changing the type in the inspector of value ioboxes causes inspector corruption

ai cat, please be more precise. what are the exact steps you’re taking there?
step 1) starting vvvv with empty patch
step 2) ?

I’ve seen that on new bettas… couldn’t reproduce

this is happening for at least a frame when node configurations or enums change.

haven’t seen it stick for longer though?!

i remember we talked about this pre-NODE at praxis, but left it be for the 35.8 release

Ah, now that is indeed that weird flickering for a single frame I’ve been noticing in inspector.
Haven’t seen it stick around for longer either.

Doesn’t seem to happen in a clean patch, so despite seeing it on numerous occasions, I can’t tell you how to reproduce it.

5 mins in to working on the same patch as yesterday

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