IOBox: Input/ColsRowsPages Bug?

hello again.

have a look at the attached patch.
when changing an IOBox from slice count mode ‘input’ to ‘colsrowspages’ and back again to ‘input’, its behaviour stays in colsrowspages-mode (which is unexpected).

tried this in b30 and b29.2 - same behaviour, but i guess this is a bug.

iobox_bug.v4p (4.1 kB)

known inconvenience: see and

ah, danke. didn’t know that and would probably never have found the x-input to be the reason for this…

these are the little things that cost lots of patience when debugging.

shouldn’t an alt-rightclick on the iobox reset all the non-connected pins (also when they are hidden, like the x-input here)?

yes, alt+rightclick does that for me in that case. but true…only when Y is not connected as well…

+1 for a reset of X with alt+rightclick also when Y is connected. would be a little more convenient not having to do this in the inspector :)