IOBox - Different default values for x and y

is it possible to set an IOBox (Value Advanced) to different default x and y values in the inspector?

i could not find a way but find this very handy, eg. for an easy resetting of xy-sliders via alt-rightclick (eg. when playing around with homography-stuff).

if this is not possible yet - wouldn’t that be a nice feature for the inspector?

you can do it by separating the values by comma:
1, 2
for instance.

i am aware of that, but that is not what i meant. i’m talking about the X and Y i/o pins of the IOBox, not values of a spread interpreted as vector coordinates.

defaulting to “1,2” would set both - the y and the x in/ouputs to a spread containing the slices 1 and 2 (if the vector size is 2).

for instance, take this xy-slider iobox

when entering some default values in the inspector, resetting the xy-slider to default values will submit these values to both the x and y pins. for an xy-slider it would be more useful to have different values as default.

i am afraid this hasn’t been thought through. can you use SetIO (Value) for a workaround?

i see. will look into that.
it’s not that important. basically i was just curious if i missed something.

maybe for a future release a matlab-like notation like this would do

1, 2; 3,4

for setting 1,2 to X and 3,4 to Y.

edit: iirc in matlab it would actually be 1, 3 for X and 2,4 for Y