IOBox configuration ignored

somehow the configuration of the ioBox doesn’t affect?
maybe it is the comination with the random node.

ioBoxBUG.v4p (12.6 kB)


never experienced this by now. really seems to be a bug.


this is indeed meant to be a feature. when its input is connected the iobox overrides its own min/max settings with those of the connected pin. i agree that this is not so obvious and at least we are missing a way to find out about subtypes of pins and their settings. the only way for now would be checking in the nodelist on the wiki. Random (Value) tells you that its output subtype is a normalized real between 0 and 1 (which is not the best choice since random can also output higher values…)

read more on subtype in Pins and Data Types.

hope that helps.

i think the architectural “feature” is: IOboxes never modify the values they are passing through. there are too many reasonable ways of clipping or mapping incoming values into min or max values to let this happen automagically in the IOBox.