IOBox (Color) with few rows/columns


I have actually a very simple question, but I dont get it. I have few (lets say 4) IOBoxes (color) with different variable values. How do I put them together to one IOBox with 2 rowas and 2 columns? So that i have something like pixel-matrix (2x2). Do I have to use GetSlice or somethink like that? In wich way?

Here is the patch. I`m not sure if I could explain well with the words.

Thanks. Juliett.

IOBox (Color) - Matrix.v4p (9.1 kB)

Cons (Color) is the node you need.

I knew its easy! But I didnt know it`t THAT easy.

Thanks. Juliett.

You may also find the SwapDim (spreads) node useful for moving columns and rows around.


Thanks, Digipic, I`ll try it.

Anyway, Cons (Color) works. But the next question is: how can I render the whole IOBoxes (color) - Matrix - at once? There is just one output pin with just one RGB value.

So I had to render few IOBoxes (color) separatly - with only one color-value each. If I imagine, I´d have 200 of Boxes… It would be really complicated.

I attach my patch here so you know what I mean.

IOBox (Color) - Matrix_2.v4p (21.4 kB)

You can spread the X & Y pins on the transform node instead of having to create each quad individually.

Ive attached a patch to show. Play around with the pins on the linear spread node to see how the quads get rendered.

IOBox (Color) - Matrix_2-2 Spreads.v4p (33.4 kB)