IOBox alignment

Hi there.
An inconsistency that should be easy to fix:

IOBox (String) aligns the Typo on top of the Box
IOBox (Value Advanced) aligns the Typo on bottom of the Box

that makes no sense :)

right this is a bit unschön, but i couldn’t decide better. stringboxes need their text top-left aligned, that is for sure. and values ioboxes when spreaded should align on the decimal seperator, not to left. so for now that we always have a fixed number of characters after the comma i think it is best to have numbers right-aligned. now when making a valuebox a slider i thought it makes sense to have the value placed on the bottom.

the vertical alignment is okay.

what’s not okay is the horizontal alignment.
make two io boxes (one value, one string) with different heights. You’ll note, that the string stays on the top of the box but value goes to the bottom. so if you align this two IOBoxes to the top (STRG-L), then the boxes are aligned, but not the text in them.
that’s typographically unschön and can be quite verwirrend, too.