IO (Wiesemann & Theis) socket closing issue


i did some tests with the Digital-IO from Wiesemann & Theis and IO (Devices Wiesemann+Theis Digital-EA).

while the node works fine, when enabling it first, it seems, that the socket doesn’t get closed properly, when disabling.

so, when disabling and enabling the node, i get some errors in the TTY:
00:20:48 - : TMWutDigitalEA interface timeout - reconnecting
00:20:49 - : TMWutDigitalEA Connecting
00:20:50 - : TMWutDigitalEA Socket Connect Error 10061
00:20:58 - : TMWutDigitalEA interface timeout - disconnecting
00:20:58 - : TMWutDigitalEA Disconnect
and so on…

error code 10061 is described here:

then i made a plugin (attached) to have a look at the computers open tcp-connections (like netstat) and found out, that the socket remains open and the connection stays established.

unfortunately IO (Devices Wiesemann+Theis Digital-EA) is not part of the addonpack (and probably coded in delphi), so i can’t fix that by myself.
perhaps, the nodes author(s) have an idea or are willing to opensource the code?


ConnectionInfo (Network).7z (6.3 kB)

hei sebl,

i checked the source and i don’t see any problem there. disabling the node calls socket.close. now i don’t have a device at hand to check but are you sure you see the connection open and established or is it rather in state TIME_WAIT as explained here:

yes, it was still in ESTABLISHED what i found strange, because i also expected something like TIMEWAIT or CLOSEWAIT