IO bug - input after cols rows

after cols rows i/o show wrong spreadcount even if binsize 1 is connected

hei anto you forgot the demo-patch…


I thought that was more a feature than a bug ;)

Second concept i want to see some day

say you want to form a vector spread so you need to acess only 1-t slices of 2d vector, so on the IoBox pin for connecting only on a row would be awesome idea, like proper X Y Z pins

at first example: could it be the iobox was at one point set to ColsRowsPages thus taking over the slicecount of 4 for the X Value Input and then it was switched back to Input? i’d not really count that as a bug, more an inconvenience.

second concept: sorry, dont get it.

I think the second concept is an optional pin-per-row for ioboxes, right?

joreg, sorting this inconvenience would be much help for doin modules, list on input you expect have same binsize as you input. Or add some mode “auto”, that will maintain your io’s binsize for that.

second one, exactly simple: pin to set values on column, or some kind of IO box that have Input and X Y Z pins. so input is refill fully, X replaces X slices Y-y z etc

also hidden pins on modules are often unhidden after restart of patch

can confirm that one - though they dissaper again, after once looking into the subpatch.

sory anto, i read what you write several times, but i don’t get it. sounds kind of like you want the iobox to be a vector-join?

yep and have input and xyzw hidden pins

ok, so that sounds like a “visual” vector-join you’re looking for. not going to happen anytime soon natively, but kinda possible for anyone to code as a plugin…

btw if possible i would add iobox output it’s count
pls will have so less of them