Io boxes decrease performance- ex9 interface better?

hello folks,

for a new rather big patch i’m working on i’ve just made myself a nice little interface out of ioboxes; now, when i move my mouse over the area of my interface where all this ioboxes are the renderers final output gets really jerky, which is, well, not the thing you want an interface to do ;)

so to my question, will building my interface in another renderer solve this issue? is it meant to do it this way? don’t want to do this tedious work and then end up with the same results.

if it’s the better solution i also wonder if splitting up my interface to 3 renderers (as it’s 3 different blocks), which i’d prefer, would be much more computationally intensive than building all of it in one renderer…?

thanks a lot.

hello digitalwannabe,

building your interface in an ex9-renderer will most probably solve your issue. as far as i know, changing the values in ioboxes prompts vvvv to rebuild the graph (the actual running program derived from the patch), which will make your render output stutter. clicking around in an ex9-renderer does not affect the graph in the same way (although parameters change, it is not rebuilt entirely). splitting your interface over 3 renderers will most certainly be more computationally expensive than using a single renderer; maybe you can still distinguish you 3 logical blocks by a clever interface metaphor?

shame on me for not finishing the Custom GUI Method Collection that should answer these kind of questions.

heya. thanks for your answer. very interesting info about ioboxes. good to know :)

maybe i’ll be able to contribute some ideas/rules to your method collection after i’ve done my interface…would be great to have this one interface module, tell it how many buttons, sliders, their value ranges and default values etc and in best case position it by mouse and arrow keys, as in my opinion that’s one of the most laborious things about doing an interface in a renderer…i could however try what you’ve just answered before in the thread about drag’n’drop :D