Io boxes bangs on startup?

hi list
. .is it feature or bug, that the number iobox ( set to bang 0/1) gives a bang at startup?
grz nos

cannot repatch your described behaviour. connecting an iobox bang 0/1 to a beep node does not beep on startup. what is yours connected to?

its connected to a createnode and to a write (TTY) which confirms the bang as message in the tty renderer.

it seems that createnode is banged before the other noes become created by vvvv.
so the ids of the node change when reloading the patch, and the wrong node gets replaced.

by the way, it would be nice, if “create node” gets an oulet with an id-list of the nodes it created. this way “delete node” can easily remove them again…

ele meier

…cant reproduce it tody either, it was in combination with the create node . . …wfill tryx it later . …