IO Box Value Set


A little matter regarding IO boxes that is boggling. How to set them and still have them editable?
Not good with description, please see attached file.


IOBoxValueSet.v4p (6.8 kB)

you can use a plus, minus, *, … to edit the input data.

Thank you, right, so any improvements possible on the following attachment?

IOBoxValueSet2.v4p (5.6 kB)

check the help-patch of SetIO (Value) maybe this is what you’re looking for.

That sounds like the one. I notice so far that the SetIO (Value) I have is a subpatch, and it is missing the Evaluate input pin and the Patch and ID output pins. I must have a previous add-on pack. I’ll check this out, thank you.

hei xirja, nono, the wiki-page is missleading. you most likely have the correct module already. check via inspektor and see that the module has those pins, they are only hidden!

ok, great. I was only able to find the help file here from kalle’s download:

:), works like a charm!