Invitation to Hack the Brain Hackathon, Prague

We are sending this invitation to members of the vvvv community who might be interested in participating in this year’s Brain Hack Hackathon which will take place in Prague from 2 to 4 December.The aim of this hackathon is to bring together practitioners from the fields of science and the arts to work together for three days on projects dealing with brain signals. EEG acquisition devices will be available for participants as well as a wide variety of offline data.More information is available on our project website ( are presently putting together the personnel for the various roles at this event.We hope you will be interested in this event and would be able to fulfill the position of mentor. This would involve assisting the participating teams by sharing your expertise and giving a short informal talk about your practice. We look forward to hearing from you.If you have any questions, please send a mail to

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